Create brand love

There is a reason why consumers love certain brands. It is not price or function and often it is not that rational or emotional and people do not know the exact reason of why. When you know what is the subconscious reason of why consumers do what they do, then you crack the ‘code’ .


Engage customers emotionally

Consumers emotionally engage in your brand when it fits to their lifestyle or the lifestyle they admire. It is simple; your brand hiearchy,  emotional and functional benefits it provides, product portfolio and communication strategy should fit in their lifestyle. Communication should not interrupt their daily lives, it should fit into it. The Marketing Director for the Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division – Paul Garrison’s Exponential Marketing is structured with the tools you need to do all that.



Traditional research methods are great at measuring and provides insights to help  make intelligent decisions leading to profitability, differentiation, and growthDora provides every  research methodology with its fast and effective approach. Combined with the knowledge of unique marketing strategy tools, Dora’s research projects goes beyond just measuring, they are designed with the right questions to select the people that your company really needs to know about.